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On this site you will find a great deal of easy to understand information about Florida divorce (dissolution of marriage) and paternity matters. It was written by Arnie Gruskin, a thirty two year Florida licensed attorney who you may choose to contact for legal representation. You may find it alot less aggravating and time consuming to have an attorney represent you rather than trying to do your case yourself. (and possibly less expensive than you think) But here are some free Florida Divorce forms, papers and documents. (and for more forms you can go to the Florida Supreme Court Website)

Simple Petition For Divorce  Settlement Agreement-no kids
Settlement Agreement-with kids Settlement-simple divorce
Petition to Modify custody or visitation Petition to Modify child Support
Petition to modify alimony Petition for Divorce-property but no kids
Petition for Divorce with no property or kids Petition for Divorce with kids
Motion to Deviate from Guidelines Motion for Temporary Support-no kids
Motion for Temporary Support with kids  Financial Affidavit (short)
Financial Affidavit (long)  Certificate of Compliance
Child Custody Affidavit Answer
Answer and Counter Petition, no kids or property Answer and Counter Petition, property and no kids
Answer and Counter Petition with kids
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